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  • What is AIMM?
    AIMM is Advanced & Innovative Multifunctional Materials LLC. AIMM is a scientific startup company based on our advanced materials science background and how it can be used for the greater good.
  • How did AIMM start?
    AIMM was founded by Dr. Luis Estevez, PhD in 2019. Luis saw his antimicrobial porous materials as an ideal technology for water treatment. Looking into the problem, Luis quickly realized over two billion people on this planet don’t have access to local clean water free from bacterial contamination (WHO). Seeing the disconnect between that startling truth and the fact that he could literally get clean, cold safe drinking water out of his wall at work, he dedicated himself to helping solve this problem. Digging deeper he saw that due to climate change, clean water is becoming everyone’s problem. In the middle of starting his company, Covid hit and changed everything; making Luis realize he could also use the underlying science from his technology to fabricate antimicrobial materials.
  • What is unique about AIMM's technology?
    AIMM's proprietary technology allows our materials to work better than the standard materials. Our specialty is porous materials, specifically carbon-based materials, that we can modify to make them work better for their particular applications!
  • What applications?
    Our initial product thrust is twofold: 1) fabricating water filters that can clean dirty water, powered just by gravity and 2) producing a porous plastic cloth material on the outside of an N95 mask that is antimicrobial.
  • Where can I buy AIMM’s products?
    You can’t just yet. We are currently transitioning the technology from successful laboratory results to prototypes and products. If you’d like to provide your email, click here and we will update you.
  • Why is AIMM working on these technologies?
    At AIMM, we feel that access to clean water is a human right. We also know we can help use our technology to ensure safer, antimicrobial materials. Our mission is using science to make as positive an impact on the world as we possibly can.
  • How does it work?
    AIMM uses antimicrobial nanoparticles bonded to their porous materials’ surfaces, such as nano-silver. These have been around for some time, but AIMM’s “secret sauce” is being able to attach them to the porous materials uniformly, which helps them work more effectively.
  • Where is AIMM located?
    AIMM is based in Dayton, Ohio where the spirit of innovation thrives and is rooted in our history, such as being the home to innovators like the Wright Brothers.
  • Are you hiring?
    We are always looking for smart, passionate and motivated people; moved by our mission. Don’t hesitate to reach out through the contact section of the website.
  • Is that scientist really sporting a mohawk?
    Yes indeed :)
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