1. How are the masks self-disinfecting? - There are silver nanoparticles that will be weaved into the fibers of the mask. Silver kills bacteria, and it will disinfect the mask as air goes into it, and as air comes out of it. 

  2. What makes the water taste good? 

  3. Can you take the water from any source and drink it or only some sources? Can you take ocean water and have it safe to drink? 

  4. What is a nanoparticle? - A nanoparticle is a particle that is about 1/10000th of a human hair, and at AIMM we are able to weave them into the mask fibers. 

  5. How big is this company? - The company is in the startup stage, and has 3 employees: The founder, Luis Estevez, his wife, Erin Estevez, and a college intern. 

  6. Do they have any products I can buy right now? - There aren't any AIMM products on the market just yet, but they are well on the way! 

  7. Are these products going to be expensive? 

  8. When will these products be available? 

  9. Is there a prototype? - There is not a completed prototype yet, but one is in progress. 

  10. Is there a team that designed these products? 

  11. Has this technology been used before? 

  12. What makes AIMM filters different from other water filters?