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Materials that Matter

At Advanced & Innovative Multifunctional Materials (AIMM) we use our patented, tunable platform material to target contaminants of interest in water treatment. Our primary focus is PFAS, also known as forever chemicals as well as dye removal from industrial processes. 

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Science that changes the world.

At AIMM, we strive to bring simple yet effective solutions to the masses through advanced science; resulting in materials that matter.

Providing everyone access to clean drinking water without hassle or complexity by using our simple point-of-use water system with the power of gravity!


The heart of AIMM's innovation is its hierarchically porous carbon (HPC) material. HPCs are a tunable platform technology that AIMM has developed with PFAS water treatment in mind. AIMM's HPCs are tailored to remove 2-3 times more PFAS from water than traditional technologies like activated carbon (AC). Unlike AC, our HPCs can remove a broad range of PFAS, from traditional longer chains to the hard-to-remove shorter chains. Our HPCs are also tailored to remove contaminants FAST, in minutes versus hours or days for other sorbent technologies. Lastly, as a common carbon powder form factor, our HPCs can be easily adapted to existing water treatment processes and engineering routes.

Next Generation Technologies

AIMM’s expertise has been developed over the course of roughly 15 years in materials science research and enables us to take ordinary porous materials and make them effective at treating  water contaminants of interest. To do this, we use our proprietary platform technology.


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Our Beginning

May 2020

SBIR SEED Proposal

July 2020

More Partners!

October 2020

In the News & Propel Dayton

Invited to submit NSF SBIR SEED proposal for N95 Mask

AIMM was founded on June 2019 by Dr. Luis Estevez

Featured in TV News story in Dayton, Seattle, and OKC and front page of Dayton Daily News

AIMM selected as inaugural member of Propel Dayton

April 2020

June 2020

September 2020

Early Risers

Early Risers Win

Startup Week Pitch

Win Early Risers pitch competition

AIMM wins Dayton Startup week pitch competition


Recent News

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