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Science that changes the world 

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Advanced & Innovative Multifunctional Materials LLC 

AIMM's expertise is in fabricating a completely tailorable, colossally porous; hierarchically porous carbon (HPC) material-as a scaffold for the impregnation of nano-material(s). This resultant nanocomposite can be embedded with nano-materials for energy storage or for catalysis applications. 


The primary thrust of AIMM is to embed our HPC scaffolds with biocidal nano-silver for point-of-use (POU), multi-functional water filtration. Due to the  Corona virus pandemic we have expanded our focus to include enabling items such as N95 masks to have a self-disinfecting coating and be reusable!

At AIMM we strive to bring simple, yet effective solutions to the masses through advanced science. We are using Multifunctional Materials to do this.

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AIMM'S Founder

While obtaining a PhD in Materials Science & Engineering from Cornell University, Dr. Luis Estevez developed a novel nanocomposite materials platform based on porous carbon.


In addition to over a decade's experience designing multi-level tunable porosity in carbon materials, Dr. Estevez has managed various science and engineering projects such as spearheading a million dollar, 3-year DOE project to optimize his technology.

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